The War Z, is an upcoming online zombie shooter MMO, scheduled for Closed Beta in the coming weeks. While most zombie shooters involves players emptying hundreds of bullets into zombie hordes, death should be the norm if this case happens in WarZ.

Big open worlds to explore between 200 to 400 square kilometers
Two modes of play: Normal and Hardcore
Combination of first-person and third-person perspectives
Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player)
Strong Role Playing Elements
Multiple playable characters with customizable features
Unique social elements, including bounties, help requests, trap setting, etc.
Safe settlements where players can purchase, sell and store items as well as post notes for other players
Dozens of unique skills that can be learned and improved
Up to 250 players per game server
New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
Full developer support with regularly scheduled, free content updates
Dedicated public servers as well as private servers that can be completely self-managed in game client
Single purchase, downloadable client with ability to play full game without subscriptions or requiring in-game transaction

1. You must download this keygen of the links below
2. After downloading "click" WarZ Keygen.exe
3. You see this keygen
4. Click "GENERATE" and wait a minute
5. You have the keys!
6. This Keygen works on 32 bit or 64 bit

You have to complete a survey to get download file

Virus Detection ratio : 0/33

You have problems? Video How To Download” instructions.


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